bridal jewelry

Wedding jewelry has been used since ancient times to mark this special occasion. Designs and traditions have evolved throughout the years, yet the importance of selecting the right piece of jewelry for that special occasion remains.

Weddings are special occasions that not only symbolize the joining of a couple in a ceremony of love and commitment. It is also the blending of two families. with unique family histories and traditions.

In many families a jewelry heirloom is passed down from generation to generation. Other families begin new traditions by giving the couple a special piece of jewelry to remind them of their special day.

Mother’s may give a pearl necklace, bracelet of earrings to their daughters to wear at their wedding. Fathers can give their sons a special watch or cuff links. Jewelry can make a wedding day even more memorable when it is integrated into a tradition that the couple can remember for years to come. The hope is that the tradition can be passed on to the next generation of brides and grooms.

When my sister got married she gave the flower girls and bridesmaids a beautiful cultured pearl necklace. When her daughter got married she followed the same tradition and gave her flower girls a pearl necklace.

We also have three brides in our family using the same garter and it will be used by the next bride. The garter though simple is adorned with beautiful Swarovski jewels, another way to incorporate gems into your wedding day.

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Even the most modern bride can incorporate their family heirlooms into their weeding. Vintage and antique jewelry can be re-designed to give it a more modern look. I have taken vintage Swarovski crystals that belonged to my grandmother and reset them a more contemporary style.

What is important is to choose the right bridal jewelry set. Following these guidelines will ensure that the right wedding jewelry shines on that special day.