wedding decorations

The colors of autumn lend special warmth to the season, despite the impending advent of winter. When practically everything around you is bursting in fervent color, it is but natural that you would be impressed by the idea of having your own big day on such an ardent season.

Autumn weddings are great if held outdoors, in order to take full advantage of the colors of the surrounding foliage. Of course wedding wouldn’t be complete without flowers to represent the blossoming of a woman from a lady, into a blushing bride.

When searching for wedding flowers, your florist would in effect be your very best friend, as he or she can ably provide you with in and out-of-season blooms which you are planning to use for your wedding day.

While there is a wide variety of flowers to choose from, there are a few which stand out as fall wedding staples. And for September, when summer ushers in the onset of autumn, the aster is the most appropriate. This exquisite bloom bears a close semblance to the daisy, and is used generously as bouquet or centerpiece fillers. Other bloom recommendations which you may go for are carnations, roses, lilies, and sunflowers.

Go for the cosmos if you plan on having your wedding in the temperate month of October. Dainty as they are, these come in an assortment of vibrant colors, particularly in pink, white, purple, and red. Other flowers which you can take a fancy on include gladiola, mums, hydrangea, and the ever-reliable rose.

The traditional bloom for November is the chrysanthemum. They lend a splash of color to any bouquet or arrangement, and also come in a myriad of available colors, such as pink, white, and yellow. Other blossoms which are perfect for November weddings include freesia, gardenia, roses, and delphinium.

Make sure that you incorporate the elements of the season in your arrangement. Since the colors of autumn include red, yellow, and orange, take advantage of the abundance of the bright autumn leaves around you and include them in the arrangement. Using decorations which lend a subtle, earthy impression also enhances the effect.

The amount which you have to shell out for your flower choices depends on a few factors. Your flower choice may not be available locally and will have to be shipped from another region. If you intend on purchasing a substantial amount, the costs naturally add up.

Your florist will be the best person to let you in on the costs you may deal with, but do take note that there are other elements in your wedding, and the flowers should take up more or less 7% of your total wedding budget. If money is not an issue, spending thousands of dollars just for flowers is easy enough, but if you are on a budget, bridal bouquets which are well beneath a hundred dollars are widely available.

Or instead of using real flowers for the bouquet, you can substitute silk blossoms for them; this eases up your budget significantly. Talk to your florist about the options which are available to you.