wedding ring tattoos

Adventurous couples have recently found another way to eschew matrimonial tradition – instead of going for the traditional wedding rings, they have it tattooed on their fingers. Wedding ring tattoos are equally as romantic as their conventional counterparts; what better way to declare your commitment to one person than by wearing a token which is practically irremovable? It is quite an assurance to know that your partner is willing to make the ultimate statement of fidelity by wearing a tattooed wedding ring on a finger.

Indeed, there are numerous reasons as to why couples go for wedding ring tattoos, not the least of which is the financial aspect. Some people intend to have them as a temporary place holder for as long as they are saving up for the real thing. The more free-spirited couples take pleasure with the opportunity of going against convention, with tattoos replacing the sparkle of diamonds.

Besides, fancy wedding rings are difficult to maintain over time, and there always exists the possibility of losing it, especially if you or your partner is involved in an occupation where the ring can be easily damaged, destroyed, or misplaced, such as jobs in the construction or food preparation industry.

The cost for having a wedding ring tat is very affordable in comparison to the real thing – less than a hundred dollars each; but you’ll need to have it retouched through the years if you want the imprint to be as distinct as the first day you had it on.

To be sure, celebrities have caught on the craze, even if their relationships were doubtful to begin with. Rocker Tommy Lee and Baywatch babe Pam Anderson had each other’s names tattooed on their special body parts; hers on her ring finger, his on the genitals. When the marriage went bust, Pam had hers changed from Tommy to Mommy! Bad boy actor Colin Farrell and wife Amelia Warner also displayed great wedding ring tattoos for the press, four months before their abrupt divorce.

Wedding ring tattoos are that much more appealing since you can have it done in ways which are intimately personal to you and your partner. They can assume many designs; from the traditional band wrapped around the finger, to having your initials ingrained in each other’s ring finger, or on any finger for that matter.

You can lend it with a deep sense of symbolism if you choose to have a particular image tattooed on, one which is of a particular sentimental value to both of you. Important details in your relationship can also be imprinted as a testament for everyone to see, such as numbers which stand for the day the two of you met, or a phrase which carries a special meaning.

Whichever design you do go for, rest assured that your wedding ring tattoos will be unique and personal, representing an intimate testimony of your solidity as a couple, and your commitment to each other; a visible proof which neither of you can slip off or inadvertently lose with a mishap at work or at the kitchen sink.